My weeks #littleloves

Today I am joining in with the #littleloves hashtags and blog posts from


I am slightly ashamed to admit it but this week I have been reading the one and only Katie Price’s new autobiography – Reborn. Her books are definitely my guilty pleasure and I have read EVERY single one (please don’t judge me too much!) I suppose just like trashy tv, it’s easy to take in with lot’s of gossip and revelations.

I am enjoying it so far but find I can’t read much at a time as it is pretty intense what with detailing Keiron’s affair and a lot of moaning! But gotta love the Pricey.


I heart The X factor!! It’s perfect viewing for a Saturday night (and also Sunday much to Dans disapproval!) whilst curled up with yummy food and wine. Especially now it’s getting colder and darker outside.

This year I’m glad they’ve gone back to the original judges and I think the contestants are awesome. I don’t take it seriously though and am pretty OBSESSED with Honey G. She literally makes my life! I laugh so hard every single time she is on the screen.



Ever since my best friend introduced me to one of their songs last year, I have not stopped listening to Oh Wonder’s album. They are a couple from London who write and sing their own songs together. Their music is absolutely beautiful and it is hands down my favourite album of the year. Here is a link to one of their videos.



As Autumn is here, this week I have lived in oversized tops/jumpers/scarves and leggings.

I usually wear my converses and it’s not quite boot weather yet, but today on a walk I wore my trusty Nike Roche’s. I absolutely love them and they are sooo comfy but sometimes I don’t feel I’m cool enough and they make me look a bit ‘chavvy.’ Ah well!



I love to cook most of the time but as its been a busy week, I’ve been making a lot of ‘quick’ meals for the kids. I posted on Instagram a picture of my ten minute cheesy tuna pasta and spinach.


And lastly…

On Wednesday, I was worried and absolutely petrified to go into hospital and have a colcoscopy. For those who don’t know it’s when you have abnormal smear results and are called back for the specialists to have a closer look with a tiny camera (I won’t go into any more detail don’t worry!) I had some treatment done and now just have to wait for biopsy results. I’m hoping it will all be fine and keeping positive, but of course am just so glad the colposcopy is over and done with. It really wasn’t pleasant and you got to see everything on a tv screen, one of my best friends came with me I joked that she had seen more of me than any man!

Ladies, if you are overdue.. Book your smear!

Til Next Time,
Roxanne x


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