Time to Change

I stood on the scales this morning after weeks of avoiding them. I knew it would be bad, but I was still shocked.
I have forever struggled with my weight (in other words, I’m a chubby lass!). I lost almost three stone a couple of years ago through healthy eating and (inconsistent) exercise but then lost my mojo. Although I didn’t put on anything and maintained for quite a while, I still had a LONG way to go.

I think I’ve had a pretty stressful year and I seem to have gone back to my old ‘comfort eating’ ways. My recent food intake has been one to rival that humongous woman on the news striving to become the fattest woman in the world (you know the one who’s partner funnel feeds her weight gain shakes, and they want to have a baby?! Don’t get me started…) But seriously, along with a busy life of work, kids, tragic news, recent hospital treatment, holidays and being far too comfortable with my fiancée I have put on almost a stone in a short space of time.

It really is time to change. I feel awful in myself at the moment and I know that when I am eating well, I am so much happier. Part of my job is to preach to my patients about a healthy lifestyle and am currently a HUGE hypocrite. I really want/need to lose weight and feel better for myself and my family.

So here are the new ‘rules’ I have previously gone by to lose weight and AM (come on Roxanne!) going to be following now.

  • Water, water, water.. And lots of it. This is all I will drink other than green tea and black coffee.
  • NO CARBS! Except a little bit of sweet potato, quinoa and maybe some brown rice (once a day)
  • Loads of greens. I will try to incorporate spinach, kale, watercress or brocolli with most meals.
  • Cheat meal once a week. Well.. just cause I need it!
  • Snacking on either fruit, berries, a handful of nuts or veg/hoummus
  • No dairy! (Except feta cheese) I’m sure I have an intolerance to dairy products and it makes me feel rubbish when I have it, so will be cutting out milk/cheese/yogurt and will only have almond or coconut milk.
  • Portion control. I am one of those people that has to eat EVERYTHING on my plate, even if I’m full up, so will now be giving myself smaller portions and eating slower.
  • Stop the picking. Sometimes I don’t even eat proper meals but just pick on anything I can get my hands on (especially kids leftovers) so this habit will have to end now.
  • Coconut oil. I bloody love this stuff anyway, especially for my skin and it will now be the only oil I cook with.
  • Nothing processed. My obsession with crisps has seriously taken over my life, now no more of these bad boys and anything else processed.
  • No takeaways. To my loving other half – no more suggesting buy one get one free pizza!
  • Forgive and move on. We are not perfect and if I do have a slip up I would like to forgive myself and carry on with a positive attitude.

This is my meal plan for today.

Brunch – (I didn’t have time to eat breakfast and had no food in before my healthy food shop!) 2 egg omelette with mushrooms, chorizo, tomato, spinach, a small sprinkling of feta and a handful of rocket/watercress.

Snack – 1 chopped Apple and peanut butter.

Dinner – Homemade bolognese with courgetti.

Snack – (If I’m still hungry) soya yogurt with blueberries and honey.

So with a fridge full of superfoods and a motivated mind I am ready to go. Wish me luck (I’m gonna bloody need it).

Til next time,
Roxanne x


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