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Recharging my batteries

After weeks of feeling flat as a pancake and generally a bit ‘meh’, I woke up this morning and was determined to have a good day.

Sometimes, when life get’s too much I find myself becoming easily overwhelmed and unmotivated. Most people pull themselves out of a funk by socialising and staying busy. I can be the opposite and crave time by myself or with my children to ‘recharge’. I just love relaxing in a hot, bubbly bath listening to music, playing with the kids, snuggling up to watch a movie, cooking a family dinner, lighting a yummy Yankee candle or going for a nice walk somewhere beautiful. When I feel low I tend to go into my own little world and need simplicity to bring myself back to life. I absolutely adore my friends and family, but feel guilty that I am probably crap company and I know I am not the easiest person to understand.

Today I got up bright and early, slapped on a bit of make up, made a cute picnic breakfast for Lucas and Ava and had a huge cup of tea. After taking the biggest to school I decided to get outside and go for a long walk with Ava as it was such a gorgeous day. There is nothing better than breathing in the morning fresh air and trekking through the great outdoors to make you feel happier. We held hands as we kicked the autumn leaves, ran around being silly, sang songs and climbed on the fallen trees. Ava is a typical girly girl but also loves being outside and getting muddy, I love exploring with her even if she can be as slow as a tortoise and a bit clumsy ( definitely takes after her mummy).

Here are a few pictures of our walk I snapped on my phone.

Til Next time,

Roxanne x


3 thoughts on “Recharging my batteries

  1. I often times get the same when I feel a bit low or overwhelmed. I tend to retreat into myself! However having children makes you do things you otherwise wouldn’t do or don’t feel like doing, for eg like getting outside! Shows your a brill mamma xxx


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