New Year New Me?

Happy New Year everyone!

We have survived and escaped 2016 (an odd year, I don’t want to say completely awful, but really not the best for most people) and have entered the wonderful new beginnings of 2017.

I used to absolutely cringe at people’s ‘new years resolutions’ and ‘new year, new me’ crap, but for some reason this time round I TOTALLY get it. Although I had some great times in 2016 and made some awesome memories, it was not all meadows and roses and frankly, some pretty sh*t stuff happened. I have definitely not been the best version of myself as of recent and found myself getting into old habits. So, I am jumping on the new year bandwagon, fully embracing an excuse for a fresh start and making some resolutions in all aspects of my life.

My list kind of ended up more like a ‘self improvement plan’ and to some may seem a bit long and hopeful! I haven’t put down anything HUGE or really specific such as ‘give up crisps’ or ‘go to the Maldives’ (wishful thinking that would be) but it’s more a list of ways I would like to better myself.


  • I reckon I’ll be forever battling with my slightly crazy, anxious mind although I have made a lot of progress, but this year I will try harder to stay positive and see the good in situations, worry less and laugh more.
  • I need to work on my ability to be more open minded and spontaneous. I am becoming rather set in my ways in the not so old age of 27 (almost 28!) and I’m not very comfortable in new or unfamiliar situations. I have a whole life ahead of me and need to ‘get out there’ more, do things I wouldn’t usually do, take risks and embrace change *gulp*.



  • Stop being a fat b**tard. – Yep, pretty much. I literally ate so much crap last year, with just a few weeks chucked in of ‘clean eating’and have seriously put on the LB’s. I am a serial comfort eater and this needs to stop. I am joining slimming world (like most of the world this January) and want to attend the groups each week, hopefully some public humiliation and a group atmosphere will help me along. It’s not even just about the weight, but being healthier and looking after myself.
  • Exercise has never been my favourite thing to do, but when I was a member of boot camp and actually regularly attended a gym I was definitely happier, healthier and more energetic. One of my new years resolutions is to start exercising, hopefully rejoin the gym or go to a class, even just to walk more and generally be more active.



  • Give myself more to forward to such as booking a holiday/getaway and more fun days out.
  • Anyone that knows me will tell you organisation is NOT my strong point. My kitchen calendar hardly get’s flipped after February and remains pretty bare. This may be wishful thinking but my organisation skills need to be improved this year, when I feel organised and on time, my ‘soul’ is happier.
  • Blog more. I only started blogging a few months ago and have really enjoyed it, I am SO glad I started my little page. This year I would like to dedicate a much more time to blogging and improving my writing style.
  • One thing in 2016 I believe I HAVE got better at, is sorting out my house. I have become more tidy and decluttered A HELL of a lot, but still not enough. 2017 will hopefully see me continuing a more ‘minimalist’ life and staying up to date with cleaning/tidying and making my home look better. 



  • Spend even more quality time with my children – last year, I started attending a play group with Ava and we absolutely love it. My little girl will be starting nursery some time this year, which makes me really sad that she won’t be with me all the time when I’m not at work anymore. I would like to carry on enjoying my days off with her by attending playgroups, going for lovely walks and trips to the park together. Now Lucas is 5 and at school, I’ve realised how quickly this time when they are so small goes. I would also like to have more ‘mummy/son’ quality time with him and to make the most of every weekend with both my little ones.
  • I think like most of the country, one of my most important resolutions is to BUDGET and SAVE! I am diabolical with money at the moment, especially after a busy and bloody expensive Christmas and my plan is to seriously stop wasting money on utter rubbish and knuckle down to save and pay off various things. Also, buy more lottery tickets!
  • Cook more. I’m not completely terrible in the kitchen and 80% of the time we do have a home-cooked family dinner together, but we definitely need to cut out the takeaways and ‘convenience’ foods. Not just for health reasons but also the bank balance. I want to cook different healthy meals, use the slow cooker more often and use up what we have in the cupboards.
  • I don’t think I have written about co-parenting for quite a while, but it’s actually going really well at the moment (shock!) Myself and my children’s Dad have been getting on good as well as our other halves, there has been no negativity or major issues for some time. We can sort out things like actual mature adults, all spend time together for Lucas’s football games etc and can chat and joke around and I am really proud. This year, I would really like our co-parenting to be even more successful and for our children to remain the number one priority.


I could write loads more but that’s just a bit sad really and we can’t all be perfect can we? I think that will do for now! I will have to keep re-reading this post to keep me motivated and on plan, at the end of December I can review these resolutions and see how I got on. I hope more than ever that 2017 is kind to us all and brings health and happiness. I would LOVE to hear your hopes and dreams for 2017.


Til Next Time,


Roxanne x
































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