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The Little One Tag

Lucas, Ava and myself were tagged by the lovely Hannah to answer some questions for the #littleonetag. I had so much fun asking them both the questions and have written their exact replies below, please bear in mind Ava is only 2 so her answers are pretty random.

What’s the best thing about being  5 and 2 years old?

Lucas: That’s too hard to say. Ermm playing football, having an iPad and doing whatever I want.

Mummy: You don’t do what you want! And pleeeaase don’t talk about the iPad so much. (He is obsessed)

Ava: I am two!

What makes you laugh?

Lucas: Impractical Jokers and just lot’s of jokes!

Ava: grunts

Who do you love & why?

Lucas: I love everyone in my whole family. They are all so nice to me.

Ava: I don’t know. I lu you mummy

What’s your favourite book?

Lucas: Baby Brain. I read it at school. Also, Spookyrumpus!

Ava: Ocacdo baby. (Avacado baby)

What’s your favourite food?

Lucas: Chocolate, tapas chicken wings, mcdonalds, spaghetti bolognese and roast dinner.

Ava: Tomatoes

Favourite song?

Lucas: Ed Sheeran and the Ola song (Kent Jones – Don’t mind)

Ava: The Moana Song

Favourite outfit?

Lucas: My football kits, I look so cool.

Ava: I want to wear my ballet dress. Mummy where my princess dress?

Favourite TV programme?

Lucas: Blaze and The Monster Machines

Ava: Black sheep (no idea what this is!)

Favourite toy?

Lucas: My cars and hot wheels stuff.

Ava: I am two! (runs away)

Favourite thing to do?

Lucas: Playing football, going to waterparks, soft play, the skate park and playing on my iPad

Ava: I want something to eat Mummy.

I nominate:

Erica from

Karen from

Pop over to to see the original post and rules.

Til Next Time,

Roxanne x

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