What we got up to during the School Holidays

The Easter Holidays are coming to an end and I feel a bit sad.

If I was writing about the last Half Term we had in February I would be absolutely ECSTATIC and celebrating the fact school was starting again on Monday. I only work part-time but I had the whole week off with Lucas (almost 6) and Ava (2 and a half) and honestly, I found it all a bit stressful. The weather was rubbish, I felt really lonely and my two little treasures were a bloody nightmare, I could have sold them.

I know I sound a bit dramatic and plenty of Mum’s stay at home all day every day with their kids, I have done it many times before but for some reason that week was just particularly difficult. I promised myself the next school holidays would be different.

And guess what? The last two weeks have just been lovely. I truly haven’t been stressed out or locked myself in the bathroom once and just thoroughly enjoyed every moment with my cherubs. I think it’s helped that the weather has mostly been fabulous, we have had plans every day, spent time with friends/family and I have been in a much better frame of mind.

We spent most of the first week out and about in the fresh air, either at parks or National Trust places. We LOVE being outside and Lucas and Ava can run free to explore, climb and play, they are in their element like most children. Spending time outside surrounded by nature makes me feel calm, happy and gives me more energy, not to mention it’s much cheaper than theme parks and soft play.

I also took the kids to the cinema to see ‘Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience’ – Why the f*** would you put yourself through that?! – I hear you ask. Well, it was my little girls first time watching the big screen and I knew that she would sit through anything to do with that bratty, know-it-all pig! Despite almost falling asleep half way through and wondering why the hell I had just spent over £20 to watch an annoying lady called Daisy introducing Peppa Pig Episodes, I really enjoyed the ‘experience’. Lucas absolutely loved it, Ava was SUCH a good girl and sat on my lap in awe for the entire screening and we sang the songs the whole way home. We had some lovely mummy/monkeys bonding time.

Having Dan home for the Easter weekend was a huge bonus. My favourite thing in the whole world is spending time together as a family and our weekend involved walks, Egg hunts, hot crossed buns, eating chocolate, exploring Wilton House and Gardens (one of our favourite places) – pretty perfect if you ask me!

The second week started with a ridiculously lazy Easter Monday and a meet up with some other local bloggers at Avon heath Country Park including AmyEmmaLaura and Kirsty. It was so nice to chat and gossip to these lovely ladies and I am so glad I put myself out there and went along.

I went back to work on the Wednesday and by sods law I have been bloody ill with a flu-like virus ever since! So on this lovely Saturday morning I am typing this from my death bed where I am dosed up, but starting to feel much better. We have a pretty quiet weekend ahead and then my gorgeous little boy Lucas will be back to school on Monday, I am really gutted as I have really enjoyed him being home. Apart from the occasional (and funny!) bickering with his little sister, they have got on brilliantly and really are such a pair.

How have your Easter Holidays been? Do you find it stressful being off with the kids?

Here are some pictures of our time off together!





Til Next Time,


Roxanne x

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