Our Weekend at Camp Bestival 

The long awaited, highly anticipated weekend had arrived, yay!

But typically for me we didn’t get off to the best start. 

Firstly, while I was all packed and ready to go on the Friday morning Dan informed me he was now going to be stuck at work until well after 6pm. GREAT.

As well as missing the first day, the heavens had well and truly opened and the winds were gushing at 40mph, not so good for camping weather.

I have to admit we completely wimped out and decided not to camp. I was a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to the experience but our bargain equipment would definitely NOT have survived the storms. Luckily, we live really close so we drove up early each morning and left in the evening. We got the best of both worlds, the fun filled, muddy festival life but then back home to a hot shower and a comfortable bed!

The festival itself was amazing and we were really impressed. The stewards and security were so polite and helpful, the layout and planning worked well and the overall atmosphere was incredible.
The acts were brilliant, the food stalls were INSANE and we couldn’t get over how much there is to do for children. It’s absolute kid heaven!

On the Saturday it absolutely POURED but as long as you were kitted out in wellies and a raincoat it was fine and there was plenty of cover. I was pretty excited to wear my GORGEOUS new Joules Wellies from

Aren’t they beautiful?!
Camp Bestival didn’t disappoint and now I definitely understand the hype surrounding it. 

I would love to go back next year!

Til Next Time,



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