Family Holiday Bucket List

As I start this post, I need you to start playing a teeny tiny violin for me whilst I shed a tear into my laptop. Don’t worry, this isn’t another post about my mental health. This is a huge ‘first world’ problem.

I haven’t had a holiday this year and have none planned.

Yep. Not one!

With our wedding coming up late next year and my partner undergoing a six month training course for his new job, funds have been low and an abroad holiday has been totally out of the question.

Whilst I am only half joking as I obviously appreciate some families are living in poverty and a vacay isn’t overly important, it would have been amazing to go away this year. A family holiday is a chance to get away from day to day life and to spend quality time together with your loved ones, discovering new cultures and making life long memories.

Last August we went on an all inclusive holiday to Mallorca (you can read all about it if you fancy here) and had the most incredible time. With two young children the ages of 5 and 2, nothing beats lazy days around the pool, exploring the nearby towns and beaches, devouring the all you can eat/drink buffets and enjoying the evening entertainment. 

All the reminiscing has got me thinking about where I would like to go next year, and in the near future with Dan and the kids. There are so many countries in the world I would give my right arm to see but below I’ve written a bucket list below of 5 ‘family friendly’ holiday destinations I would love to visit in the next few years with my gang.


I went to Corfu when I was a teenager with a friend and her family, it’s definitely a place I will never forget. It is breathtakingly beautiful, the greenest and most rural of the Greek islands and not as ‘touristy’ as the others. I would love to rent a villa here with Dan and the kids and spend a week exploring, swimming and eating delicious Greek food. I would quite happily go anywhere in Greece again to be honest but Corfu really stands out for me.


Dan’s had a few holidays in Tenerife and also my Mum, they both absolutely rave about it. I’ve never been but the gorgeous Canary Island is on our list to go to. As well as such amazing beaches, mountains and busy towns there seems to be many attractions for young families. I also like the fact the weather is hot all year round with minimal rainfall so you can go anytime and still catch a good tan!


Now the other half isn’t sure about a holiday here! He’s worried about it being dangerous which is totally understandable with all that’s going on at the moment. I have the best memories as a child going to Antalya with my parents and when I was searching for holidays last summer I spent ages scrolling online looking at Turkey. I found the most incredible looking all inclusive resorts which appeared unbelievably luxurious and so perfect for the children. The best part about it is that the packages are so cheap! (Yes, cheap for a reason – Dan mutters in my ear) But if you have been to Turkey recently I would love to hear all about it.


One country that I have always wanted to go to is Italy. Everything from the incredible culture and history, the landscapes, the beautiful lakes and of course THE FOOD thoroughly attracts me. A dream of mine would be to explore the different parts of Italy such as Rome, Florence, Venice and Sardinia with my two children in tow. 


To be honest I don’t know a huge deal about Cape Verde but from what I have heard, it looks and sounds like absolute paradise! It’s a fairly ‘new’ holiday destination and I’ve read that everywhere you go there is a feel of unspoilt landscape. I have seen some incredible looking resorts online with kids clubs and spa treatments. Heaven! 

So I guess I should stop dreaming of sunning myself with a cocktail in a far away country and get on with my day! I have just had a fabulous week off with Lucas and Ava, we are now on our last week of the summer holidays and I am unfortunately back to work. 

I hope you have enjoyed my family holiday bucket list and it would be great to hear yours and any other recommendations.

Til Next Time,

Roxanne x

This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own

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