The Bedtime Tag

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. I have been tagged by to complete the Bedtime Tag Quiz. I LOVE bedtime! Here are my answers. 1) Describe your usual bedtime routine. After Lucas and Ava go down at 7pm I usually let out a sigh of relief, high five myself and creep downstairs, usually wet from… Continue reading The Bedtime Tag

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An Open Letter to a Parent Going Through a Break Up

I know you are hurting, but everything is going to be okay. I promise. Your world has been flipped upside down.You feel completely out of control and the sadness and agony is probably like nothing you have ever experienced. What makes this situation more difficult is the fact that it's not just two people who have… Continue reading An Open Letter to a Parent Going Through a Break Up


The (not big or Fat) Quiz of The year

I have been tagged by the lovely Robyn from to complete 'The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz of The Year'. Here we go! What was the highlight of 2016? Although I said 2016 was a bit tough, it also brought some wonderful moments for myself and my family. I can't possibly pick just one so… Continue reading The (not big or Fat) Quiz of The year


The transition of One child to Two.

So here I was... Expecting our much wanted second baby, but FREAKING out. I was drained from horrific morning sickness (morning, day and night sickness more bloody like!) and I was emotional, hormonal and confused. Why did I feel so scared? As I've spoken about in previous blogs, I loved being a Mum to Lucas… Continue reading The transition of One child to Two.


My weeks #littleloves

Today I am joining in with the #littleloves hashtags and blog posts from Read I am slightly ashamed to admit it but this week I have been reading the one and only Katie Price's new autobiography - Reborn. Her books are definitely my guilty pleasure and I have read EVERY single one (please don't… Continue reading My weeks #littleloves

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My C-section and trial VBAC experience

When expecting my first baby, Lucas, I hoped for a smooth, relaxing hypno-birth. I read the books, downloaded whale music and preached to anyone who listened that labour should not hurt and that 'pain is just in the mind' (they nodded along/wanted to punch me) I believed my birth was going to go swimmingly. For… Continue reading My C-section and trial VBAC experience