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Which school mum are you?

There are a few posts regarding types of 'school mums' and I thought I would give you my own 'tongue in cheek' list of common characters you find yourself amongst at the school gates. Before you read on please bear in mind the following are NOT REAL people and this post is not intended to… Continue reading Which school mum are you?

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Mummy Guilt

  Ditching plans with a friend, calling in sick at work, forgetting a family members birthday, gorging on four bags of crisps when you're supposed to be on a diet (just me?!) The list goes on. Definitions of 'guilt' in the dictionary include 'remorseful awareness of  having done something wrong or violating a rule'  and a… Continue reading Mummy Guilt

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First blog post/Introduction

Welcome to my first blog post. Sat here with my laptop cross legged on the sofa, kiddies in bed, fiancé sprawled next to me suffering from man-flu and e-cig on stand by (terrible/occasional habit)... I begin. For years I have followed and enjoyed all types of blogs, mostly mummy/parenting pages. Reading to gain advice, laugh… Continue reading First blog post/Introduction